Delicious dishes that you must try at a picnic by the end of this week

Author: Matina Tenžera

The Staropramen picnic located in the yard of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ilica lasts until August 31st.

In a themed green oasis in the city center near British Square, these days you can enjoy an unusual offer of food, drinks, good entertainment and music. This year, the well-known Staropramen picnic decided to raise the food offer to a level that will delight true street food lovers. In the food court, from which irresistibly delicious smells spread through Ilica, there are two food spots: one is the recognizable green Staropramen Food Truck, and the other is the Halpers house, known for its street specialties with a twist.

Staropramen picnic

Staropramen picnic offers classic street food dishes and street specialties with a twist

The king of all street food festivals is undoubtedly the burger, and at a picnic these days you can enjoy a good classic burger with top-quality meat in brioche pastry or sesame pastry that melts in your mouth with flavors of homemade sauces and various salads. Meat lovers can enjoy signature burgers: Gurmanger, Zacheesani, Oriental, Halp'sburger, Chicken burger at Halpers House or the original Rougemarin Cheesburger at Staropramen Food Truck. Those who do not eat meat, can find a great Vega burger rich in flavors and colors created by the original Halpers recipe.

Staropramen picnic

Spicy kebab and gourmet

But if you still want to try some new recipes at a picnic and enjoy new dishes on a blanket, then you definitely need to try Torpedo with Shrimp. Grilled prawns on a base of arugula and iceberg lettuce in sesame pastry with homemade sauces will delight you with a variety of flavors and colors. Another street food classic, hot dog, at a picnic comes in several variants.

Staropramen picnic

Torpedo with shrimp

There is a classic American Hot Dog, but also Homemade Spicy Kobaya and Spicy Kebab with Cheese. Fried potatoes and Kruppaši go well with all these dishes, which also come in three variants: with bacon, with wasabi mayonnaise and with garlic and chives.

Staropramen picnic


If you are in the mood for a picnic with the team and want to try a little of everything, a good choice is to try the excellent Sicilian pizza, Chicken wings or Quesadilla.

Staropramen picnic

Chicken wings

If you are a fan of classics, then you should not miss another Rougemarin classic, Pulled Pig, whose meat in brioche pastry melts in your mouth. The entire menu was created to make the food go best with cold sips of Staropramen beer, whether you choose light or dark.

Staropramen picnic

Towed pig

Gigs, board games and a pop-up library await you

The scents, aromas and flavors of the picnic win over visitors every year who can’t wait for the new release. And every year, the novelties on offer delight and surprise with diversity and innovation. There is no shortage of fun at the Staropramen picnic, whether you want to enjoy band gigs, play board games or enjoy the peace of a green pop up library.

Staropramen picnic

Only until the end of this weekend you can visit this charming Staropramen picnic located in the yard of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ilica 85. The weekend ahead is good to use for great snacks while Lu Jakelić (Thursday 27.08.), Jure Brkljača (Friday 28.08.) Play on stage Paul (Saturday 29.08.). On the green grass, enjoyment of food, beer and music, in accordance with all epidemiological measures, will last from 3 pm to midnight on weekdays, and from 12 noon to midnight on weekends, and the exact program can be checked at the official