The rise of the domestic stand-up scene and the return of the Evening School



Author: Matina Tenžera

Some have been on the scene for more than a decade, there are also those who regularly sell out every show, and the preparation of premiere performances with new material continues this year as well.

When we say stand-up comedy in Croatia, we must say that the stand-up scene is not won by the smart, but by the persistent. If we were to describe the Croatian stand up scene in this plastic way, I believe that we would not be wrong. Regardless of tastes, the fact is that at the moment the Croatian stand-up scene has its horses to race. Some of them have been active on the scene for more than a decade. There are also those who open additional dates for their shoes because they sell out every time. The owners of certain clubs and other venues have recognized this, so they have stable cooperation with stand-up comedians. Not to mention how many small neighborhood cafes or cultural centers every now and then decide on stand-up nights. From open mics to performances by established comedians.

If you find yourself looking for a dose of laughter, but also simply to have a good time, save this list of currently attractive and up-to-date domestic stand-up comedians.


I want a feather

The reason for this text is the return of the legendary Evening School led by Željko Pervan . Admittedly, the return will be a one-time event because the Evening School in its full and original composition will hold only one more lecture. And in 15 Croatian cities. Nevertheless, the fans of this humorous reality series welcomed with open arms the now older schoolchildren to sit down in the school desks again. The tour is already underway, and the last stop is Zagreb .


Goran Vincic Vinca

This cheerful Slavonian with gorgeous shoulders has confirmed his status on the comedy scene since he became Zoran Šprajac's sidekick in his original show State of the Nation. You can catch Vinča's skits there from week to week. And even if you don't catch it, choose one of the places in Zagreb where you can also listen to why it persistently fills all the available places. He most often appears in combination with his colleague Marko Dejanović within the BIS Comedy collective.

You can listen to Goran Vinčić at the theater Luda kuća, where of course he is the culprit on duty .


Vlatko Stampar

The comedian support that comes from the Međimurje clan is the one and only Vlatko Štampar . This mountainous Međimurec is one of the most famous comedian names in Croatia. He has been on the scene for 16 years, and his solo performances are regularly sold out. There is no place in the region where this man has not performed. He works independently, but also within the collective Lajnap Comedy. His base is club Sax! where the whole constellation of his colleagues regularly hold performances