Špancirfest is more than Franz Ferdinand



Author: Matina Tenžera

About the legendary street festival from the perspective of exhibitors, tourists, journalists and PR

You may have noticed that Špancirfest, the legendary Croatian street festival, is underway. The first festival weekend is behind us, and the only thing people are talking about is Franz Ferdinand's performance. This information goes to the level of talking about "the best festival release so far" because after many years there are foreign performers in the lineup again. And all for zero kuna.

I experienced Špancirfest through the eyes of the exhibitors at the stands, the journalist who reported on it, the PR service that promoted the festival and most importantly – the tourist who came to have a good time. Independent and family. That's why I have to admit that I smile a little every time I hear that "Spaniard" is being talked about through the musical names that will perform on it. Mainly because I'm sorry that everything that made this festival gain such credibility and exceptional support over 25 years is falling into the background.

To begin with, it is a street program

The first thing I check in the Špancirfest program is which performers are coming to the new festival edition. We're talking about a street festival, right? So in those ten days, on the streets and squares of Varaždin, you have a unique opportunity to experience world-class acrobats, musicians and entertainers first hand . A team that travels all over the world, a team that costs money and a team that you probably can't get in close contact with. It is a diverse range of performances that will really satisfy everyone's taste. Because – if you don't like one performer, you only have a few others that you can watch in the same day.

In other words, the only real strength of this festival is the street program . Namely, that's what creates the experience, that's what makes you pull your cell phone out of your pocket and those are the photos that are going around Croatia from Špancirfest.

spancirfest dance performance

Then there is the expository part of the story

No matter which way you go, at some point you will surely come across the main street of Varaždin, where there are traditionally many stalls. For all the stalls outside that street, you'll still have to be a bit lucky not to pass them by. But even when you finally arrive, be sure that something on offer will catch your eye. Objectively.

Subjectively, the list of exhibitors is getting weaker and weaker from year to year. I didn't buy anything at Špancir this year, although compulsive shopping is an inevitable item every time I visit. In the square around the corner there is no longer even a hatter with a lavish offer of all kinds of hats, hats, half hats and other headwear. But that's why Kreativnica has not disappointed so far . The narrowest street in Varaždin is also this year an oasis of top local creatives, from which you can take a too late memory for everyday use. I will mention that some of these creative people do not exhibit their handicrafts at all Croatian and Zagreb fairs, so you don't always have the opportunity to meet them everywhere. Because, at the end of this exhibition story , Špancirfest really remains a small Christmas for everyone who came there to buy something .

And Wine City as a logical outcome

The magic of the Wine City is something that gives Špancirfest a lordly touch and distracts from the impression of a large open air fair. The wine offer is famous, and the salaries offered as a supplement are more than sufficient. It can be used as a main course or as a dessert. It is quality relaxation for all the senses , whether you come alone or with children. Namely, next to Vinski Grad, there is Vindiland, where your kids can have a good time.

Past the Wine City, which is the standard of Spancir, this year there is a Burger Fest across the street from the Bus Station. So Zagreb has really arrived in Varaždin. The offer of beer and wine is as expected, and most importantly – diverse. Plus – burger masters have arrived that you haven't had the chance to taste before at the Zagreb edition of the festival. The table is therefore more than rich, and it's up to you to choose.