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Author: Matina Tenžera

In ten days, the festival brings more than 500 programs

From August 23 to September 1, the largest street festival in Croatia will revive the historic center with a wealth of content and events for all generations and create a unique atmosphere. In ten days, the festival brings more than 500 programs and combines all the best from music, street performances, art to creativity and gastronomy.

Music program

baby lasagna concert

In addition to the already announced headliner and nation's favorite Baby Lasagna , the main festival PAN stage will be the scene of nine more excellent and free concerts.

Under the walls of the Old Town, the audience will be entertained by Prljavo kazalište, Goran Bare & Majke, Toni Cetinski, MORT, Perfect Marginalci and Psihomodo pop. Then there are 50 performers of the international symphony orchestra, big band and choir in the spectacular Rock Opera and the Varaždin forces The Fakin' Lajsne and Dodger Artfool .

The musical diva Josipa Lisac will perform in the intimate and exclusive surroundings of Villa Bedeković. After that, 4 tenors will lead the audience through different musical styles.

Two different musical traditions will be joined by the Sveti Juraj klapa of the Croatian Navy and the Varaždin tambourine orchestra. And the charismatic Slovenian singer-songwriter Zoran Predin will pay a special homage to the great Croatian music, Arsen Dedić, with his performance.

Concerts on city streets

In addition to the two main stages, music will resound from every corner of the city center, from small stages, but also from streets and squares. Retro and World Music program will be brought by the Food & Party zone in the park of the Old Town. This year's edition of World Music brings performers who are regular guests of the world's biggest World Music festivals. Reggae star from Jamaica, singer Italee , Italian musicians from folk & electro band Luca Bassanese & La Piccola Orchestra Popolare and indie-folk band Kalàscima .

The musical camper will provide a special musical atmosphere on Korzo. The atmosphere on the streets will be created by Street Heroes who are still waiting for the lights of the big stages, and there will be music on Miljenko Stančića Square.

Theatre plays


In addition to concerts, a well-chosen theater program awaits you on the stage at Villa Bedeković. The legendary Topalović family, who run a funeral home and make money from other people's misfortunes and deaths from the cult movie, will make you laugh in the play Marathoners run the lap of honor, performed by the actors of the HNK in Osijek. Anja Šovagović Despot and Nataša Janjić Medančić are Croatian Thelma and Louise in the play Tera and Luca . In the modernized version of the comedy Pljuska , which was brought back to the stage at the Kerempuh Theater, all the paradoxes of the outdated state apparatus will provoke laughter. Branko Đurić Đuro, a favorite from Sarajevo with a Hollywood and international career, is returning to Varaždin with his author's play Đurologia , with which he broke all viewership records.

Street program