Oscar winner whose VR film you can watch in Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

It won the biggest awards in the film VR category, including Cannes

Alex Honnold became globally popular when the film about his greatest climbing feat won the Oscar for best documentary in 2018. That film followed the first unsecured ascent of one of the world's most impressive rocks: El Capitan in the US's Yosemite National Park, which many commentators have called the greatest sporting feat of all time. After that, in 2021, Alex Honnold embarked on a new adventure: without any insurance, he climbed difficult routes on the most spectacular large rocks of the Alps. The world's best VR filmmaker Jonnathan Griffith documented it with VR 3D 360° technology, which teleports viewers to vertical rocks, hundreds of meters above the ground, where they observe Alex's amazing skill of dancing on the edge of life and death from close range.

Until now, VR technology has been known to a wider audience mostly through animated games. It is less known that in recent years VR technology has advanced to the point that films have also started to be shot in it. More and more progressive filmmakers and multimedia storytellers are turning to this medium, which they say offers a completely new dimension of cinema, and that what is currently happening with VR is one of the biggest technological and media revolutions. Big global tech-giants like Meta, Tik-Tok and Apple believe that VR will very soon become the main medium of entertainment and education, so they are investing billions of dollars in the development of this technology: hardware, software and content. The film "Alex Honnold – The Soloist VR" was co-produced by Meta, and won the highest awards in the VR film category, including Cannes .

VR cinema KEK in the center of Zagreb (Petrinjska 51) is the first place in Croatia where you can watch the world's best VR films. It was started by Davor Rostuhar from the Club for Expeditionism and Culture, a famous Croatian travel writer and multimedia artist, author of the projects "Love around the world", "Polar dream" and "Croatia from the air".

His first, and at the same time, the first Croatian VR film "Hunter-gatherers VR" is currently showing in the cinema, which takes viewers to meet the last first people in the world: one of the last tribes on the planet that still lives the way the vast majority of people used to live its history. Also on offer is the film "Conquest of the Sky" by the legendary Sir David Attenborough, which tells the story of life on earth with the help of incredible footage and CGI animation.