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Author: Matina Tenžera

Rarely does anyone turn down good ice cream, especially when the city's asphalt heats up – we bring you a list of the strongest ice creams in town!

Recommended by: Anna Klarić

The real summer temperatures have long since set in, and along with that comes the desire for this season's favorite dessert. Hardly anyone will refuse a good ice cream, and our metropolis is anything but stingy when it comes to the choice of ice cream shops. In the following, we bring you the best ice cream addresses in Zagreb.

Here's the cake

Here's the cake

You've probably never tried ice cream like this anywhere. Cool off in the boutique pastry shop Le Kolač with ice cream signed by Robert Hromalić . You can choose between the classic one in a cone or eco cup, ice cream in a larger jar for the whole family or, watch out for this, toasted ice cream in a brioche pastry personalized with accessories according to your wishes. Hurry up and be sure to let us know which flavor combination you chose.

In the sun Luxury Gelato

At the Sun, Zagreb

" It's always summer when you're NEAR THE SUN " is the guiding thought of young entrepreneur Nina Šarić, who is a real expert in making desserts, especially ice cream. This talented girl learned all the secrets of making real Italian creamy gelato and decided to offer them to her fellow citizens. Namely, her ice cream does not contain a powdered mixture and is made from the highest quality raw materials, and you can order and pick it up at Savica in Zagreb in two sizes – 650 ml with two flavors and 1350 ml with three flavors as desired.

Vis à Vis by Vincek

vis a vis vincek

The adorable little pastry shop with a romantic terrace Vis-à-vis by Vincek is located just around the corner from the well-known Vincek in Ilica , which offers its sweet tooth a completely new, healthy approach to desserts. What you must try are the flavors of organic ice cream or organic soft ice cream , which you can combine with various inventive additions.



Another must-visit location that offers ice cream according to the Italian recipe is the b041 pastry shop in Teslana . The specialty of their frozen specialty lies in its thick and rich taste, and the reason for that is the way it is served. Namely, in b041, the ice cream is not scooped into balls , but is further softened in the corner of the bowl, thus preparing it for the best sweet pleasure.

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