Remember the Mali Zagreb project? He's back

Author: Matina Tenžera

The search for miniatures starts on May 7 and lasts until September 30, and we bring you a list of all locations

Mali Zagreb is a series of miniature installations that will be set up at fourteen locations in the center of Zagreb. In the spring, we went in search of the first set of miniatures and secured socializing, but also a memory to remember.

The theme is craft shops

This year's series of works is inspired by crafts and their activities that have developed and changed along with the city throughout history. Crafts opened and closed, formed and disappeared, but they always had a shop window or a small detail by which they were recognizable and which remained in our memory. The author of the project, artist and director Filip Filković Philatz together with his collaborators (Mia Martinović, Josip Kresović and Lucija Švob) continues the story of Little Zagreb by showing carefully arranged shop windows, such as watchmaking, shoemaking and tailoring shops and mini-shops and confectioneries.

small zagreb 2022

The series of works Mali Zagreb draws our attention to the value of small things in life, because they can be used to develop large and significant ones. Miniature works are encouraged by the development and growth of those crafts that originated a long time ago, as small family businesses and with the persistence and vision of their owners have become successful and appreciated.

A total of 15 locations

Like last year, the installations are placed somewhere under our feet, so looking carefully with a map, go in search of Little Zagreb! Intended for all residents of Zagreb as well as its visitors, miniature works at a total of 15 locations will be set up from May 7 to September 30, 2022.

List of locations:

Ban Jelačić Square Dolac Market Radićeva City Model Tkalčićeva Street Zakmardijeve Stube Park Grič Plateau Gradec Park Zrinjevac King Tomislav Square Croatian National Theater Vlaška Street Schlosserove Stube Visitor Center Franjo Tuđman Airport Zagreb