Weekend in the courtyard of Medica



Author: Matina Tenžera

She Loves Pablo and Debeli Precjednik are performing in the courtyard of Medica this weekend

The delivery of Sound this weekend to the courtyard of Medica brings the hurricane of the domestic rock scene She Loves Pablo and the long-standing punk institution Debeli Precjednik .

Friday, 2.10. She Loves Pablo

Zagreb's She Loves Pablo has been at the top of the alternative scene in Croatia for 15 years. Impressive and fat groove-filled live performances have provided them with a loyal, but also constantly growing fan base that worships the band through an impressive discography. The fourth, current studio album "Death Threats From Future Self" (Sound Delivery / Dirty Old Label, 2020) is filled with sincere and argumentative compliments from music critics who unanimously recognized the maturity in the band's sound, as well as huge potential for the world market. So far, they have shared the stage with American underground rock champions Clutch, Red Fang and Karma To Burn, German stoner veterans Color Haze and the Cavalera brothers, the founders of the cult Sepultura. They have repeatedly traveled to Europe, played in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and all countries in the region, and last year's European tour was their biggest so far. The performance in the courtyard of Medica is a concert promotion of the last album, the vinyl edition of which will be available on the spot.

Saturday, 3.10. Fat President

Hardcore punks Debeli Precjednik from Osijek have been promoting tolerance with positive energy and engaged lyrics since 1993, feasting in their, as they say, "exhaust valve for all frustrations and personal injustices". On the alternative scene, they enjoy cult status; they deliver fast and exciting punk rock with killer riffs and with specific vocals whose jumps from Croatian to English are always accompanied by a loud singalong. Their discography includes several albums and EP releases, they have played hundreds of concerts, several European tours, and they can boast that they have played with punk greats such as NOFX, SNFU, Jello Biafra and GSOM, Lagwagon, Toy Dolls and others. .


The ticket price for each individual concert is 50 kuna in advance in the Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 18), while on the day / at the entrance it will be necessary to set aside 60 kuna. Exceptionally for the She Loves Pablo concert, there will be valid tickets from Boogaloo (March 20, 2020). The maximum ticket limit per concert is 300. When buying a ticket, it is necessary to leave your name, surname and contact. Records are kept for 14 days from the concert.


The doors open at 7pm, the concert starts at 8pm and ends at 10pm. In accordance with the recommendations and decisions of the Civil Protection Headquarters, a written record of all present and temperature measurement will be kept at the entrance. Special emphasis was placed on the importance of responsible behavior while maintaining physical distance and recommending wearing masks at the event itself.

Concerts are organized by Sound Delivery .