SFerakon brings in the artist who created Star Wars

Author: Matina Tenžera

A number of associations and artists working in science fiction will present themselves, and visitors of all ages will enjoy numerous lectures, playrooms, a book fair, a sales exhibition and other diverse programs.

SFeraKon, the oldest and largest Croatian convention that brings together fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror and related genres in this part of Europe, this year is again held at the Zagreb FER from 13 to 15 May with an interesting and colorful program and international guests.

More than a thousand SF fans in one place

This year's SFeraKon, after two pandemic years in the open air in a reduced volume, is returning in full glory to the premises of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb. The convention, organized by the Sfera Society, brings together more than a thousand fans of literature, comics, film and other arts, video games and board games, all in the genre of speculative fiction. An opportunity for socializing, learning, fun and sharing experiences that is not to be missed in the local fandom. Registration fees for the event are available today on the Internet or you can buy them at the event itself.

A guest who created Star Wars

Traditionally, the convention brings foreign guests recognizable among local readers and viewers, and this year one of them is the British Brian Muir , a famous film sculptor who brought his name to the annals of film art working on Star Wars designing Darth Vader sculpture, Strom Trooper armor. droids from Death Star, CZ 3 and others.

During his extensive forty-eight-year career in the film industry, he has worked on more than 70 famous films, a list of which can be found on his official website, along with an impressive portfolio of images. When he realized that interest in Star Wars and other major films he worked on was growing, Brian published his autobiography, In the Shadow of Vader, which was well received and has been published in 6 editions so far. He also published the second and final part, Beyond the Shadow, with which he completed his autobiography. In July 2020, he published his latest work, Stormtroopers, the True Story, which he describes as “a story that should have been told”.

The cosplay competition is back

As every year, the convention will feature a number of associations and science fiction artists, and visitors of all ages will enjoy numerous lectures, playrooms, a book fair, a sales exhibition and other diverse programs. This year, the cosplay competition is being held again, the winner of which will participate in the international cosplay competition ICCC.

All of the above is a small part of the fantastic program that awaits you in May, and about which we will keep you informed. For all other information, visit SFerakon 's official website .