The season of open air events is open!

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Author: Matina Tenžera

We bring you a refreshing list of all the outdoor events that await you in the next month

We waited for her for a long time, and then when she arrived, she arrived like out of the blue – the season of open air events is open. We have compiled a list of more than 15 different events, and if we missed something – help us and let us know so we can complete the list.

Welcome Spring Festival

This spring festival had its premiere on Strossmayer Square in the heart of Zagreb. Well, he was gone for two years. And now we have returned to the new location, equally colorful and rich in content. The team started very strong at the end of April on the meadow next to the Route 66 club . Everything they offer you will be offered until May 8 .

Bicycle fair and festival

bicycle fair

We hope you have at least heard of a new concert venue in the city – the Hall. Lately, more and more interesting non-concert events have been organized there. So, on May 6, a bicycle fair and festival awaits us. We believe that cycling enthusiasts will enjoy it, but this is not an obstacle for all those who do not use bicycles to visit it. Come check out what the space looks like, and you might meet some familiar face.

Zuja's birthday party

events March Zagreb

Dr. Franjo Tudjman Square is slowly but surely becoming a new party zone. Coincidentally, more and more events are finding refuge there, and with them us. On Friday and Saturday , May 6 and 7, Žuja honors good bands, and you treat yourself to a beer. Turn the round around for friends too, yet you arrive for the birthday party. Mašinko, Psihomodo pop, Neno Belan, Vatra and Letu Štuke will be a joy and more than a good incentive.

RNB Confusion rooftop party

It is known who conquers the city roofs first as soon as it warms up a bit. While this isn’t their first rooftop party this year, here it is again. Enjoy an impressive view of the Zagreb business zone and don't look at your watch once you step on the top floor of the Romeo and Juliet business center.

Staropramen picnic

We are not sure why Staropramen has already moved the cult picnic from the yard of the Academy of Fine Arts, but we will not complain about the location. The new place where the blankets are shaking is Rougemarin Park in Folnegovićeva 10 . Take a look at the music program that awaits you from 12-25. May and wave us off the blanket if you see us!

Happy Birthday Future Scope!

One of Zagreb's most famous club programs, Future Scope is celebrating its 20th birthday . We don't know how they celebrated coming of age, but we do know that this will be like their second 18th birthday. Namely, the celebration is held at Jarun and is designed as a three-day festival . Just see this lineup, everything will be clear to you.

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