We entered the first selfie room in Zagreb

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Author: Matina Tenžera

It was a surreal experience that we intend to repeat next time – but with the team

The selfie room at the Zagreb Fair is, with some exceptions, the most exciting thing that has happened to us this year. Not because we love selfies, but because we inadvertently discovered a new place for group fun! But ok, we also love selfies.

Selfie room does not ask for years

selfie room zagreb

We boarded a luxury private jet with the brains behind this operation, Kruna Josimovic, and took off a few months to a year back. Somewhere with a strong breakthrough of Tik Tok on the Croatian market, Kruna had an idea that will become a reality on April 17. That poor influencers and other fans of their character and work do not have to look around, they can look for their happiness on the first floor of the tenth pavilion of the Zagreb Fair.

An hour of hard work in this glamorous mine will cost you 40 kuna, and in return offer eight locations. For now. Namely, the plan is to regularly change and improve the existing locations.

Although Josimovic claims that the selfie room is the most ideal for a team that has just blown out 18 candles from the cake and more, we cannot agree. Realistically, if you love your own character and work and want to give the team a new dose of joy with tangible souvenirs, your fifties are your new twenties. In other words, a selfie room will be a fun experience for 18 to 50 or more. The only difference is how many times someone will return after the first visit. I know I will.

It is falsely important in this room

selfie room zagreb

If you’ve watched any of the documentaries and feature films on the subject of social media and the phenomenon of influencers, I don’t have to explain to you what the selfie room is about. Of the eight photo boots, the most important is to choose the one that looks best on the screen. Eh, and now…. it is up to you with what description you will place your photos.

How important is false to you? We know that we took off in the business class of a top private jet, bathed in the hunt and posed behind the front door of the popular Friends. We will not reveal other photo boots to you, from Saturday, April 17, discover them yourself.

Yes, and let us know what it feels like to bathe in millions!

selfie room zagreb