Zagreb restaurants with indoor playrooms

Author: Matina Tenžera

You asked us to compile a list of kids friendly restaurants where you will not feel wrong that you arrived with the youngest

It could be said that this is an eternal debate over whether restaurants should be kids free or kids friendly. We vote for both. Some of you have asked us for a list of restaurants where children are welcome which is, you will admit, a great relief once you embrace parental life. The fact that you don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to have lunch or dinner in the company of the youngest is a very desirable feeling. If we left something out, write to us at

1. Pizzeria Chello

pizzeria chello playroom

Probably every parent will tell you that it is an ideal place for lunch or dinner with kids pizzeria Chello. If nothing else, he will be in the TOP 3. We have to agree. Apart from the fact that the food is not negligible, you will also successfully solve the children in the warm playroom with toys and other hobbies. Pizzeria Chello is a real gem of Spanish.

2. Horseshoe Restaurant

horseshoe restaurant

If you find yourself on a rainy weekend, do not hesitate to head to the Potkova restaurant near the Zagreb Hippodrome. There is a playroom inside the restaurant, and occasionally there will be animators who will make your children happy if they can't do it on their own.

3. Restaurant Rustica

restaurant rustica

In Dubrava, they say, there is a restaurant Rustica that also has a children's playroom. And the meal is satisfactory. Belly satisfied – children too!

4. False witness

false witness

In the very heart of Zagreb, in Amruševa Street, there is a small restaurant Lažni svedok . Small, but big enough to hide a modest children's playroom inside. And yet, quite enough to eat your meal in peace.

5. Bistro Bačvica Grill

bacvica playroom

In search of truly delicious barbecue dishes, head to