We checked what the new Zagreb selfie museum has to offer



Author: Matina Tenžera

It opened a few months ago, and most citizens still haven't heard of it

You know how it goes with good ideas. You design them, prepare them and launch them, and then it's only a matter of time before someone tries to make a better version. That's how it happened, to put it bluntly, with the Selfie Room, which we got exclusive access to before its official opening .

After a little less than two years, the Selfie Room has closed its doors to visitors.

On the other hand, at the end of last year , the Museum of Selfie and Memories appeared in the center of Zagreb. We found out about him by bumping into him. Since it is located at the top of Tkalčićeva Street, but also because the advertisements are noticeable enough that you don't miss it, it was a matter of time when we would visit it.

museum of selfie and memories 89

Well, after the first Open Day was held there a few days ago, it was the right moment for our arrival.

And that's how we took photos

The size of the space is approximately the same as in the Selfie Room, but the number of corners for taking photos is larger and more varied. In addition, you are offered plenty of props with which you can enhance your photography in front of the same scene. This is a museum that has no age limit, because kids will have as much fun there as adults. Now, the only important thing is that you come in company. Regardless of the fact that on every corner there is a selfie stand with which you can immortalize yourself.

We stayed for a little over an hour, and we will admit that hunger and thirst chased us away earlier than we thought. The expected duration of the visit is from an hour to an hour and a half. Simple – there is material for a longer stay and good fun.

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The entrance fee for an adult is eight euros , for children over the age of five six euros , and for groups of a minimum of five or a maximum of twenty people – five euros .

The selfie story continues

In a town that doesn't even have a million inhabitants, two selfie museums would be a great thing. Especially when we take into account that they did not overlap each other with the "scenes". Except for one. Legendary hunting tubs. But it is a must have, so we forgive them both.

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We hope that this story will last for a long, long time for the city's newest selfie museum – and that we will return to it as soon as possible and in an even bigger company.

And finally – the only thing left for you after visiting this newest museum in Zagreb is to study our list of other fun museum contents