Project Ilica: A shockingly good party you don't want to miss!

Author: Matina Tenžera

Act, participate in workshops, drink coffee and dance on the rails, support local creatives, donate for the renovation of cultural institutions … Come to a shockingly good party.

The Ilica: Q'art 2020 project takes place in dramatic circumstances in which Zagreb still lives by the rules set by the corona virus, while at the same time dealing with the consequences of the devastating earthquake that woke him from his first spring dream on March 22 and exposed all vulnerabilities. its historic core and the very heart of the city.

From the very beginning, the Ilica: Q'art project, through various artistic actions called "Community Art", pointed out the need to renovate Ilica and its neglected spaces, and with this year's edition, the organizers focus on the message "We are citizens", in order to emphasize the importance cultural participatory projects as those that revive the spirit of the city.

We live in Ilica. Let's revive the city.

Filled with artistic actions, urban collages, exhibitions, music, dance performances and other pop-up events, Zagreb's longest street will come to life as a meeting place for citizens with culture and art, but also with each other.

Art for Art is a message that the organizers will communicate on the spot by raising funds for the reconstruction of the earthquake-damaged cultural institutions in the city center.

Do you want to peek into the theater window or briefly get into the truck-scene and play an excerpt from the play? Or maybe you just want to enjoy the great play "Tesla Anonymous"?
The Gavella Theater, whose devastated building received a red mark after the earthquake, is the main cultural partner of the project, which will move its program to Ilica, and the actors said on that occasion, "We come to the audience when they can't come to us."

Citizens can expect a second hand fashion show to be worn by well-known cultural figures and designers, various workshops in the park of the Academy of Fine Arts and a diverse offer of local designers and creatives, but also family farmers who will sell the fruits of their labor on "Ilica rails".

The initiators and authors of the project are Aleksandar Battista Ilić and Ivana Nikolić Popović, who through a participatory model have been gathering citizens, institutions, artistic and social organizations and associations for years on a mission to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Affected in this way, citizens now, more than ever, need not social distance, but social solidarity, cohesion and closeness.
This need is the reason for organizing the festival part of the project, which will take place on June 7, 2020, when the wounded Ilica will be closed to traffic from 09:30 to 14:30.


Ilica Project: Q'ART program (pdf)