Get ready for the 25th Špancirfest



Author: Matina Tenžera

Big anniversary, even bigger party and at least 500 reasons to come

We are less than two months away from the most awaited event of the year – the jubilee, 25th Špancirfest, which will be held from August 18 to 27 on the most beautiful outdoor stage, in the historical center of the city of Varaždin.

What is offered from music

The most popular street festival in Croatia, which won the hearts of thousands of visitors, in its celebratory edition brings more than 500 programs, from concerts, performances, plays, music, culinary and children's workshops to small, unexpected surprises on the city streets.

The main festival PAN stage in the Old Town, known for the incredible combination of the energy of the performers and the passion of the audience, will host as many as 12 concerts in eight days. In addition to the previously announced main stars, Franz Ferdinand from Scotland and the young, promising and increasingly popular Slovenian indie rock band Joker Out , TBF, Silente, Buč Kesidi, Neno Belan & Fiumens & Brass experience, Parni valjak feat. Igor Drvenkar, The Croatian Pink Floyd Show, BluVinil, Fran Vasilić and representatives of the Varaždin forces, Cold Snap and Crna kronika .

Admission to all concerts on the PAN stage will be free.

The music program on the stage at Villa Bedeković will be opened by the world music attraction, the vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile , the Mediterranean pop sound will be brought by the group Cambi , and the students of the Music School with the support of the teachers and the association nuSynergetic will provide a superb musical experience with the Nothing Else Matters concert. In addition to musical programs, the stage at Villa Bedeković will traditionally also host theatrical comedies organized by the Kerekesh Theater .

Villa Bedeković is the only stage for which tickets will be charged.

What is offered in terms of performance

The street program of Špancirfest is the soul of the festival, and Varaždin's streets and squares will be entertained by colorful costumes, music from unusual and unique instruments, drummers, stilt walkers and numerous other creative and artists. The performances of 15 artists from ten countries of the world – from Croatia to Brazil – await you, and from the rich program we highlight an innovative musical spectacle, which will be performed in Croatia for the first time, the Siren Orchestra, from the French company Mécanique Vivante.

The spectacle is also expected on Kapucinski trg, where 32 dancers from Croatia, Great Britain, Portugal, Latvia and Germany will perform a multimedia musical stage show, as part of the European People Power Partnership project. Špancirfest is one of 14 partners from 11 European countries involved in the project.

The fair and gastronomic part of the story

The streets of the city will once again be refined by the unavoidable Heroes of the Street. Špancirfest combines culture and creativity with special attention in Kreativnica, where designers and renowned Croatian brands will be presented with their unique products, and in Umjetnička Street, where artists from Varaždin and the region will gather.

Last year's novelty, Špancir Burger Festival, will once again turn Kapucinski Square into a true oasis of hedonism, and well-known gastronomic names, among others, will present their masterpieces – Mate Janković, Ivan Pažanin, Melkior Bašić and Marko Palfi .

The indispensable part of Špancirfest, when it comes to hedonism, is the Wine City, which will once again be located on the green oasis under the walls of the Old Town, and just a few steps away, the Carlsberg Food & Retro Party zone is preparing its own music and gastronomic program.

Špancirfest especially takes care of entertaining the youngest walkers. Fun, educational and creative contents in the Creative Park, this year in a new guise, will arouse the curiosity of little explorers, in the already well-known location of Vindiland near the Old Town, an inexhaustible source of fun, games and sports activities awaits them, while adrenaline thrills await them in the amusement park . There is also the LOOP Music Clinic, which will host free music workshops for children and beginners, and a music program on weekends.

Almost the entire historic center of Varaždin will become a place where art, crafts and creativity will unite, thanks to exhibitors from all over Croatia who will offer numerous products, from traditional to modern. With a variety of materials and techniques, our exhibitors will win you over with their passion, talent and the love they invest in their creations. In short, get ready for ten days of experience, fun and primal joy at the jubilee 25th Špancirfest.