We visited the newly opened museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla

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Author: Matina Tenžera

Both adults and children will enjoy the interactive display

It is officially called the Nikola Tesla Experience Center, and among us it is abbreviated as the Nikola Tesla Museum. Karlovac got the main city attraction, which already attracted several thousand people in the first week of its opening. When you consider that many people have never stopped in Karlovac, this news is an ideal reason to plan a visit – especially if you are coming from Zagreb and its surroundings.

What is offered?

The museum is already interactive from the outside up to its top floor, which is why it will successfully interest both adults and children. For example, in front of the Museum, in the large parking lot, there are interactive panels where you can find out more about Tesla's life and work through a knowledge quiz. If you wait until it gets dark, enjoy the light splendor of the "Tesla coils" and the globes that show the four rivers of Karlovy Vary by touch.

Nikola Tesla Center Karlovac

When, like real quiz-maniacs, you rush through the knowledge test in front of the Museum, then it will be easier for you to solve another micro-test after entering inside. On the floor of the ground floor, there is a projected board on which you walk and answer questions about Nikola Tesla. I guess you won't be distracted during the educational game by the tablets spinning in the air on the nearby tables. Try to put them back in their place once you pick them up to read what's on offer in the Museum and let us know what your best time is 😉

nikola tesla experience center outside

Exhibits you will linger on

The most impressive museum exhibit awaits you on the first floor. The one that will simply entice you to come back to it again and again. The embossed Tesla that stretches to the top of the floor changes in the colors of human movement. And just when you thought that was the only thing he had to offer, a tiny lightning bolt that you can touch will shoot out of his finger. And with whose touch Tesla begins to change colors and shapes.

nikola tesla experience center

The Museum tells us that some exhibitionists tried to feel the touch of lightning on the tip of their nose and tongue in addition to their finger, but believe us when we say that your index finger will give you a very solid experience of the visit. Just like the pills on the ground floor, let us know how the lightning feels on your skin!