List of concerts at Baš naš festival



Author: Matina Tenžera

You know who opens the festival, but also who to expect throughout the month

The most exciting time of the year is slowly but surely coming back! Many lights, decorations and holiday scents that will spread through the city, creating the most beautiful atmosphere of the Advent period, are eagerly awaited by both young and old. Baš Naš Advent, which has been delighting all its visitors for a number of years, is getting a completely new chapter this year by locating itself in the very epicenter of the holiday pleasure, on Ban Josip Jelačić Square. The magical atmosphere and beautiful decoration of the favorite Advent festival, excellent concerts by famous Croatian performers and DJ performances, and special holiday offers by excellent chefs will surely not disappoint the people of Zagreb, as well as other local and foreign visitors, even this Advent. On Zagreb's main square, Baš Naš Advent guarantees a great time and the most beautiful holiday atmosphere that will last as long as 40 days. With the soft opening, on Wednesday, November 29 , when visitors will have the opportunity to try delicious gastronomic delicacies, create the most beautiful Advent photos in the new photo zones and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and decoration that Baš Naš festival always brings, a complete impression and a great atmosphere are expected on Saturday, December 2, when the popular Zagreb band Psihomodo Pop will officially open the Advent edition of this festival . Popular names on the DJ scene: Luca Goya, Symart and Yuki will ensure an unforgettable time for all visitors every day, and a special atmosphere is expected throughout December when the stage will be taken over by Songkillers, Daleka obala, Vesna Pisarović, Hiljson Mandela, Albina Grcic and ToMa . Thanks to the special gastronomic offer prepared by the famous Croatian chefs Melkior Bašić and Vid Nikolić, even the biggest gourmets, as well as lovers of sweet snacks, will not remain indifferent. Porchetta, pulled pork in several ways, delicious buncek, but also sweet fritters with caramel or apples, are just some of the dishes that visitors will enjoy this Advent. Baš Naš Advent offers not only musical and gastronomic pleasures, but also the opportunity to create unforgettable moments with your loved ones. The entire space, decorated with photo zones, a light arch and balls, will provide the perfect background for the most beautiful photos, but it will also become an ideal place to create memories with family and friends.