We had tea in the New Wave Museum



Author: Matina Tenžera

A new museum dedicated to the music and culture of the Zagreb scene of the seventies and eighties has opened in Vlaška 67

The museum of the new wave was needed in Zagreb, is the conclusion of this text. After the great success of all the projects that were more seriously related to the 1980s in Zagreb, it is clear that the establishment of the Museum of the New Wave met with approval.

Located at Vlaška 67 , it is almost impossible to miss. Namely, it is located right across from Ibler Square. At the entrance, you will be greeted by an authentic photo corner where the iconic Zvečka has come to life. A club where two worlds met – makeup artists and punks.

new wave museum entrance

Well, when you take the first photos, you will enter a modest museum space full of precious memorabilia related mostly to the music scene from the seventies and eighties. In addition, the student media, which were inevitably connected to the new wave movement, will also be found there.

The descriptions are good, but the photos are even better

The museum is ideal for adults, so children will certainly be bored there. But you don't have to be those adults who lived through the New Wave, because anyone who was born in the nineties or later, visiting this museum will be a quality return to the past. If you are also a fan of music and its history, this will be a hit for you.

Do not skip the descriptions of the exhibits, and take a good look at the photos that the owners have hung on the walls. You will surely come back to some of them more than once!

museum of the new wave psychomodo pop

There are also souvenirs

For now, vinyls, t-shirts, mugs, books and magnets are offered as souvenirs to take home next to the museum ticket office. We hope that the collection of souvenirs, and above all the exhibited artifacts, will expand over time. Who knows, maybe with the outer vestibule, the central interior and the toilet, which is an integral part of this story, the owners break through the wall into some new new-wave worlds.

museum of the new wave of borosana

And we won't show you the toilet. Go to the New Wave Museum and experience it yourself! 😉