Reinforcement in the lineup of Graffita na Gradele



Author: Matina Tenžera

This year's festival edition will last longer than previous years

There is less than a month left until the extra hot edition of this year's Graffita at Gradele, and the music lineup is joined by new names that will heat up the atmosphere in Bol. Vojko V, Hiljson Mandela, TTM, Miach, 2 kitice and Baks are bangers who join the already announced team consisting of 30 Zona, 2xŠihta, Krešo and Žuvi, Bore Balboa and Sjena , whose performances we will see in Bol's 585 Club. This year's GNG will last longer, even 5 days from 26.-30.7 ..

Everything is ready for this year's festival

After the large number of tickets sold for this year's festival, the team from Graffit na Gradele announced the second part of the music lineup. Vojko V, as an absolute regional hit, comes to Bol on the wings of the new album Dvojko, but also the new Mamacit video, which was viewed almost 230 thousand times in seven days on YouTube. Vojko V is already a resident at this festival in Bol, so this year he will make a well-coordinated spectacle with new hits.

Hiljson Mandela is also part of the standard lineup of Graffita at Gradele, and his army of fans will put Bol on the must-see festival map this year. They will be joined by the hip hop duo TTM from Split, which is blazing and burning Croatian streaming platforms.

Miach , known for her popular duet NLO with Hiljson Mandel, but also for her fantastic debut album, which was accepted without a word by the audience and critics, is coming to Bol for the first time.

The Croatian YouTube sensation 2 Kitice is also coming to Bol, whose hit Idemo na Bol regularly plays on the festival speakers.

The stage of 585 Club will also be rocked by one of the leading representatives of the new young trap scene in Croatia, Baks . This whole musical team will be responsible for an unforgettable festival summer ahead of us.

Entrance to all daytime events and workshops at the festival is free, while festival tickets for the evening concerts will be sold for 25 euros at Entrio sales points, as well as in Zagreb – Drito bar and Dirty Old Shop, and in Split Lumer shop and Garica shop.