Check out the iconic show that stops playing this month



Author: Matina Tenžera

The location is Scena Vidra, and the director is the one and only – Mario Kovač

How many great theater performances have you missed because you put off visiting for too long? At this moment, we can list at least five of them. And that's exactly the ones we've heard about, which are widely known and for which the answer was always "let's be". Don't let the same thing happen to you with the performance Men' directed by Marijo Kovač.

The last two dates are Saturday, April 15 and Friday, April 28 at the Otter Stage, and after that the show goes into a well-deserved retirement.

Essentially, it is a play in which four men comment on women's behavior that bothers them. And all this in a humorous way. By the way, Mario Kovač, as a very prolific author and director, currently has three more plays at Scena Vidra in addition to this fourth one, Men'

One of them is the play Udavača , in which Kovač deals with the topic of marriages. Then there is Sex and Hunger where Tarik Filipović is a sexologist who opens (and closes?) many questions of human sexuality. And finally, a show with somewhat more serious themes with rapper Marin Ivanović Stok in the main (and only) role – Old School of Crack .

This show, which has been sold out for years, will play outside Vidra at the beginning of May. Since the April appointment in Vidra was sold out again, a new date was opened – May 2 at the Forum cinema , which operates as part of the Student Center. Tickets are still available . Both for Old School crack and for

Don't think too much. See you at the theater!