Pločnik temporarily moved to a new address



Author: Matina Tenžera

It got a new name, and it opens on February 2

The recently closed club Pločnik announced the news:

"We will spend the transitional period ahead at this address! For reasons known to everyone, Pločnik had to close its doors at Međimurska 21, but this first transitional period continues at another address. We are opening Pločnik Gornji in the premises of the club DVA OSAM, at the address Jabukovac 28 .

We are moving turntables, furniture and our favorite staff who will open Pločnik Gornji on days when there is no program in the club (most often Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and sometimes Thursday, and Sunday is not to be rejected either).

It will be open from 18:00 until midnight, the entrance will be free , and in addition to the music from the records that marked Pločnik, we will also arrange events that we all love. Due to prearranged events at the club, Pločnik Gornji starts on Monday, February 5 !"

Come support the team from Pločnik. See you in the forest!