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Franjo Tuđman Airport is the largest and most important airport in Croatia. It is named after the first Croatian president, Dr. Franjo Tuđman (1922 – 1999), a historian and statesman under whose leadership Croatia achieved its state independence and emerged victorious in the Homeland War. The airport is located 10 kilometers southeast of the center of Zagreb in the city of Velika Gorica. It is of a civilian and military character because the "Colonel Marko Živković" barracks is located within it. Also, the administrative headquarters of the Croatian Air Navigation Services and the Rudolf Perešin Aviation Technical School are located within the Franjo Tuđman Airport.

Airport shops: Press Media (Before security check) Aelia Duty Free – Art of the gift (After security check) The Fashion Place (After security check) Press (Arrivals / Meet & Greet zone) Catering offer: Cakes & Bakes – Before security check (POM) (Departures – Before security check) Brewmark Pub (Departures – Before security check) Spread (Departures – Before security check) Caffe Nero (Departures – Before security check) Needstop (Departures – Before security check) Antonia (Arrivals – Before security check) / Meet & Greet Zone) Caffe Nero (Arrivals / Meet & Greet Zone)

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