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Mason burger is the best Croatian burger in 2017 and 2018, according to the visitors of the Zagreb Burger Festival, created according to the recipe of chef Ivan Zidar. Guided by the mission of turning burgers into top gourmet specialties, we have delighted many lovers all over Croatia with their original recipe and unusual combination of flavors.

The concept of burgers was created in response to the need to popularize forgotten recipes and revive tradition. We adapt Mason to the region in which it is located because we take the best local ingredients and turn them into a top gourmet specialty.

Constant work on improving burgers not only leads to improved quality, but also to expanding the range of burgers, but the basics always remain the same: top brioche bun, quality meat and of course, unavoidable ingredients and sauces that give Mason burgers a specific and recognizable taste. Currently on offer are: Mason original, Mason gourmet and Mason foundation and we operate as a franchise that is accessed only by those who meet certain quality standards.

At their Advent house, they stuffed sausages with somewhat unusual toppings. Chilli peppers, pickles and more.

But their recommendation is still a burger of blood sausages . A little brave.


" Because there's something new on offer, " they are short but clear from Mason.

Mason burgers & stuff

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