Lexicographic Institute Miroslav Krleža


The Miroslav Krleža Lexicographic Institute has built a work on Croatia's five-century lexicographical tradition that can stand alongside the greatest European and world lexicographical achievements.

It was founded on October 5, 1950 as a scientific institution for encyclopedic and lexicographic activities and is the only Croatian institution that has been systematically engaged in lexicography for seventy years. The founder and ideological creator of the Institute was the Croatian writer, lexicographer and erudite Miroslav Krleža, who gathered associates from all scientific fields and initiated encyclopedic-lexicographic activities within modern Croatian society.

Holder of lexicography and encyclopedics of interest to the Republic of Croatia, the Institute has published more than 400 volumes of encyclopedias, dictionaries, lexicons and other publications that are an important contribution to maintaining and raising the Croatian intellectual standard. The publications of the Institute are traditionally reliable and interpret facts from the Croatian heritage and social reality in a recognizable way.

Lexicographic Institute Miroslav Krleža

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