Le Cake


At the beginning of 2019, Robert Hromalić opened the doors of his independent boutique confectionery, where he kept the name Le Kolač, the former neighborhood confectionery, but gave a new look and concept.

The new venture was preceded by schooling at the prestigious Ferrandi Culinary School in Paris, where after graduation he worked side by side with big names in the confectionery scene such as Cedric Grolet and Yann Couvrer. Upon his return from France, he continued to develop his craft in Zagreb, where he was recognized as the most promising confectioner in Croatia.

His work is recognizable by the use of top and highest quality ingredients that he turns into real works of art. The offer of cakes changes seasonally, and in addition to cakes, we also offer cakes.

Le Cake is the perfect place to relax after a busy day, for a sweet moment with friends or family. They are waiting for you at Trg Petra Petretića 3, and this winter they are also waiting for you at Fuliranje.

The dishes they recommend are fritters stuffed with dark chocolate .


" Because our fritters are stuffed, not covered with chocolate, " they told us from the house.

Le Cake

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Matina Tenžera

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E-mail: info@divan.hr