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The Zagreb City Theater "Comedy" was founded on November 1, 1950 as the legal successor of the Zagreb Drama Theater and the Clear Kerempuh Theater. His main activity is performing musical performances (operettas and comic operas since 1950; musicals since 1960; rock and pop operas since 1975) and drama performances (comedy of classical and contemporary world and domestic comedy). He also performs publishing. The artistic ensemble of the Theater, in addition to dramatic actors and actors-singers, also consists of singers, choir, ballet and orchestra (more than 150 employees, including theater workshops and technical and joint services).

The first play was performed on November 29, 1950, and to date about 13,000 have been shown, of which more than 300 are titles. Among the famous "Comedy" hits are the musicals Yalta, Yalta (Grgić – Kabiljo), Guslač na krovu (Bock – Stein); operettas Land of Smiles (Lehar), Kneginja čardaša (Kalman), Šišmiš (Strauss); comedies Probudi se, Kato (Grgić), Klupko (Budak) and the rock operas Gubec beg (Krajač – Metikoš – Prohaska) and Grička vještica (Krajač – Metikoš – Prohaska). The theater, its projects and employees have won many prestigious awards and recognitions.

An unavoidable, important, unique and great recognition of "Komedija's" work are certainly its many visitors (many of whom "Komedija's" plays have been visited for generations): individual, organized and subscriber audience, in the main hall of the Theater and on tours.

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Comedy Theater

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