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Karas Gallery

The gallery is named after Vjekoslav Karas, the first educated painter from continental Croatia in the 19th century, whose character and work are considered the pioneering beginnings of national modern art.

After the return of HDLU to Meštrović's pavilion in 1993, the exhibition program is realized in the galleries Prsten and Bačva and the Gallery of Extended Media, and the Salon of the Karas Gallery in Praška Street 4 continues to operate as the Karas Gallery.

In 2015, the HDLU was forced to move the Karas Gallery from its address at 4 Praška Street due to the sale of the building space, and for the next two years the Karas Gallery program was performed at the Prsten Gallery in the HDLU House.

HDLU recognizes the historical importance of the Karas Gallery, which with its appearance has become, and remains, a platform for presenting cross-sections of contemporary art production. While smaller solo exhibitions were held in the Studio and Salon, the Karas Gallery itself offered a program of problematic, thematic exhibitions and concepts developed in collaboration with art critics. In order to establish the continuity of the gallery spaces that operated under this name, HDLU decided in 2018, with funds from its own revenues from economic activities, to renovate and equip the space at Zvonimirova 58 for the needs of the new Karas Gallery.

Opening hours of Karas Gallery: Wednesday – Friday: 3 pm – 8 pm Saturday: 10 am – 1 pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and public holidays closed

Admission to the Karas Gallery is free.

Karas Gallery

Zvonimirova 58

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