Faculty of Agriculture



We are dedicated to the training of highly qualified experts, the development and dissemination of scientific and professional knowledge in the field of agronomy and related sciences. By applying the highest academic standards, we enable students to acquire competencies based on modern scientific knowledge, for the benefit of society.


The vision of the Faculty of Agriculture is to strategically position itself as a leading higher education institution in the Croatian higher education and research area and as an internationally recognized and recognized scientific and educational institution.

Core values Knowledge, wisdom and humanity (“Cognitio, Sapientia, Humanitas”); Respect for the richness of the academic tradition; Education based on new scientific knowledge and innovations as the greatest value we give to society; Rules and procedures of the highest ethical standards in all areas of our operations; Continuous quality improvement in all areas of activity; Freedom of expression of thought and speech; Tolerance of differences; Social justice; Flexibility and adaptability; Objectives To ensure the efficiency of the organization and business of the Faculty; To provide students, agronomists and all education stakeholders with top education and the acquisition of the latest scientific and professional knowledge and skills through quality study programs and lifelong learning programs; Increase quality in all areas of activity; Encourage scientific excellence, innovation in research and cooperation with the economy; Contribute to the sustainable development of the Croatian economy and society as a whole. Improve international cooperation in the teaching and scientific research area and increase student mobility, visibility and recognizability of the Faculty at all levels.

Faculty of Agriculture

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