Sip and stroll on a fun April Fool's Day excursion



Author: Matina Tenžera

Advance registration is required as the number of places is limited

Drinking wine is a pleasant experience, but sipping and taking a walk in nature sounds better. Therefore, we suggest that you seriously consider the option for a great April Fool's Day trip that is by no means a joke. Registration is mandatory, and the number of places is limited .

Wine & Walk Ludbreg is a traditional enogastro-recreation event that takes lovers of active life, fine wines and authentic local snacks on an adventure through hills and vineyards, with lots of laughter, fun and an already legendary final party. In addition to all that, 1.4. is celebrated in Ludbreg as "Day of the Center of the World", so the city will be full of events and people, which makes this edition of Wine & Walk Ludbreg really special and especially fun.

The Wine & Walk route leads through the wooded and hilly landscape of the Ludbrek vineyards, where participants will find tasting points with local winemakers who will offer them their authentic wines, homemade snacks and a touch of local culture and customs. The route itself is challenging enough, yet gentle enough that it can be easily mastered by anyone looking for good fun, socializing and recreation.