This is how artificial intelligence sees Advent in Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

This year, AI is helping us create the strongest Advent guide, and as the first task we gave it the creation of a supporting Christmas visual

Everyone who follows us regularly throughout the year knows that since 2019 we have been creating extensive Advent guides every winter. At the same time, every year we try to satisfy and reconcile different interests through the most diverse suggestions of winter places and events. In addition, it is crucial for us to keep up with current events. So, for example , in the pandemic year of 2020, we successfully launched the first online Advent , where events that we had previously attended live were simultaneously offered in virtual houses. From stand-up evenings to concerts to conversations with gastronomic experts.

As soon as the pandemic abated, in 2021 we noticed an upsurge of hatred towards Advent in Zagreb. Some said – despite this, we will not visit any Advent location. Therefore, we had no choice but to design double content – for haters and fans of Advent . To the latter, we have offered lists of all Advent places and events that we have assessed as the most relevant and interesting. On the other hand, to those who announced a "boycott of Advent", we proposed a succuss of winter activities that they can enjoy within their own four walls.

Last year, we witnessed the ultimate precedent – the first World Football Championship, which we followed during the advent frenzy . Our Advent guide has therefore been divided in half to content for football fans, i.e. to everyone who was interested only and exclusively in Advent.

Trends are changing this year

For the last year to a year and a half, artificial intelligence has been the leading topic of all conferences, but also something that is talked about in private circles. There are few who have not at some point had conversations dedicated to the tools of artificial intelligence. Therefore, it was only logical to try them ourselves. This year, artificial intelligence is helping us create the best Advent content .

The first task we gave her was to create a supporting Christmas visual. We tried for a long time, the fight was hard. Because artificial intelligence did not understand exactly how many towers the Zagreb Cathedral has, how it is possible that London taxis do not drive through the streets of Zagreb and that we do not remember the last time we experienced a snowy winter.

So, with persistent and systematic instructions, we came up with a surreal visual that combined the current image of a dystopian Advent with Zagreb under scaffolding and colorful cats similar to those from the new pedestrian zone in Masarykova street, around which many spears broke this summer.

wonderful advent 2023

Human hand reliability factor

With all the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, we quickly became convinced that it needs a human hand. Namely, when we switched from visuals to creating content, we got an interesting insight into – the past. All that is currently more familiar to us. Therefore, we decided to take the most useful from artificial intelligence – inspiration for the topics that we will follow and explore more deeply. But also proof of the extent to which imagination reaches.

Take a look at some of the visuals that didn't make it through our filter and let us know which is your favorite. Choose – either by email or in the comments of social networks!

choice 1

choice 1 wonderful advent

choice 2