You missed these events

Van uz DiVan


Author: Matina Tenžera

Gastro festival, exhibition of popular dice, new edition of Project Ilica and more

At the beginning of April, we smelled colorful and quite attractive events. Not only are these mostly unprecedented innovations, but you won't have to wait long for them to start. Namely, the first event on our list starts on Thursday, April 7. Hear this:

Food Market in Hall


There will be food first, and then drinks. And we know that the best spice of quality gastronomy is equal quality music. You take a look at the list of restaurants and musicians who have been waiting for you in the Hall for four days and – see you there.

Exhibition of LEGO bricks in the Family Mall

lego lego

If you have already started the weekend, why not turn to the Family & Fun Mall where you will find a free exhibition of LEGO bricks? There will be a lot of exhibitors, and they will delight both big and small.

The bombastic duo plays pop mass

tons of huljic

It is difficult for us to imagine a situation in which the pope approves the performance of a pop mass around the world . And the first such versions of the usual liturgical mass. Even when he approves it to Tonči Huljić, then we really have nothing to think about. Yes, and when we remember that his solo accompaniment on stage will be his daughter Hana, then…. ma, tickets are already in the basket.

An ode to craftsmen

summer in Samobor

If pop mass doesn't launch you to Mars, let it at least take you to Samobor. Namely, just the day after Huljić's pop mass in Samobor, the Samobor Craft Festival begins, where various craftsmen will show all the splendor of their esteemed skills. It will be a sales and exhibition fair !

May Day on Ilica