A new gallery opened in the heart of Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

A new place for modern art

This weekend, many art lovers gathered at Radićeva 32 in Zagreb on the occasion of the opening of the new Kaptol Gallery exhibition space. The gallery opened with an exhibition of Croatian artists with international success – Aleksandar Bezinović and Anita Kontrec.

The new location in Radićeva Street is actually a branch of Galeria Kaptol, which visually looks more like modern galleries – it is decorated with a simple minimalist space with clean walls where every painting and every work comes to the fore.

The original location of the iconic Zagreb gallery at Kaptol 13 still remains open, and considering that due to its funds, the gallery at the Kaptolska address in its 37 years of existence has become too small for the organization of exhibitions that used to take place there regularly, gallery director Lucia Jerič Palić says that now they are happily launching a new story in an additional pop-up space where they will have greater opportunities.

What we know about the current exhibition

The gallery opened with an exhibition by Aleksandar Bezinović and Anita Kontrec. Anita Kontrec is an artist who spent most of her career in Germany, where she distinguished herself with her creativity, lived and worked in Chicago, Paris and London, and exhibited at the Biennale in Venice, where, due to the interest of the audience, she was invited again this year. Kontrec creates his paintings and sculptures in an unusual way, using unconventional materials. Her works are mainly made of polyester and pigments in combination, and she studied this technique for a whole decade. Questions of personal and cultural identity are a frequent theme in her projects, which makes her works even more interesting

Aleksandar Bezinović is one of the most sought-after domestic contemporary artists, not only in Croatia, but also much wider. He regularly exhibits in France and Germany, and last year he also held an exhibition in Tokyo. His works adorn private collections around the world, he is a member of the Croatian Association of Freelance Artists, and lives and works in Zagreb. Bezinović works in the direction of geometric abstraction with a minimalistic use of colors except in certain works.

What awaits you next at Galeria Kaptol

Kaptol Gallery, Radiceva7

The new additional location of the Kaptol gallery is thus conceived as a contemporary exhibition space in which some of the Croatian artists will rotate. Although of course the works of artists from the original gallery will be exhibited, this exhibition space will also give young authors the opportunity to present their work.

The exhibition will remain open until February 23 , and several more exhibitions of established domestic artists are planned in the period until the summer. Between exhibitions, the gallery will also display other paintings from the Kaptol Gallery's offer and holdings. The gallery will act as a fluid multimedia art space that, apart from primarily for exhibition purposes, will also function as a space for various cultural events and filming.