The most beautiful roof of Zagreb is opening



Author: Matina Tenžera

It will be open from 5pm to 11pm and relaxation starts on 29 June

Everyone has to enter June 29 in the calendars of their summer gatherings, because this is the date when the event that is eagerly awaited with the first days of summer starts. Corona Sunsets Sessions , after last year's jubilee fifth year, opens the door to the most beautiful sunsets over Zagreb and announces a long, warm summer in the metropolis!

For those who manage to escape to the south, this green oasis on the roof of the Zagreb Dance Center is a great consolation when they return to the asphalt, and for those who do not have the opportunity, cold Corona beer and signature Corona cocktails will be a lifeline on hot summer days and nights. until July 31 . The location where you can escape from the heat of the city asphalt and enjoy the amazing view of the city is ready again, and this year will delight visitors with special decorations and details inspired by nature, sunsets and summer.

Summer in Zagreb is not such a bad idea

Corona Sunsets Sessions

The most famous event in Zagreb is not only a favorite among those who love the cold Corona with a slice of lime, but also for those who like to spend afternoons and dinners in a good atmosphere, with DJ rhythms and corners where you can just chill and enjoy. Thus, for more than a month , all Zagreb residents will be able to enjoy this pop-up bar, as well as tourists who are already conquering the city. Absorbing the last rays of the sun before the magical sunset will confirm only one thing – staying in the city in the summer is not a bad idea at all. Indispensable deckchairs, chilling bags, "benches" for larger groups and some surprises await fans of Corona beer in this green oasis that has won social networks in its five years of existence.

Taking photos, snacking on snacks, trying Corona cocktails or cooling off with Corona beer that can't "pass" without a slice of lime? It doesn't matter which team you are, because all this is waiting for you on the well-known roof of Zagreb, in a green oasis and thick shade. Hidden from view and summer temperatures , Corona Sunsets Sessions is the first herald of summer. The event not to be missed is open every day from 5pm to 11pm .