With our suggestions, not even a heat wave can do anything to you

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Author: Matina Tenžera

While you are dreaming about the sea, remember where you can best refresh yourself in the metropolis and its surroundings

Recommended by: Anna Klarić

While we are being hit by heat waves, we bring suggestions of quality refreshments in Zagreb and the surrounding area. For those whose annual vacation is not even in sight yet, and for those who have decided to spend the hottest part of the year in the capital, we bring you a number of options for where to go and how to refresh yourself during these hot summer days.

Look for refreshments at Bundek and Jarun


If you are not planning to visit the Adriatic soon, you can seek refreshment at the Bundek and Jarun lakes in Zagreb. Just like the sea, city lakes are suitable for swimming, and they will provide you with just as good relaxation in nature. When you get tired of sunbathing and swimming in the afternoon, you can additionally refresh yourself with a cold drink or ice cream in the nearby cafes, or you can hang out with the team and play beach volleyball.

The season of city pools is open

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Salvation from the heat wave that hits the metropolis every year are the city swimming pools. Whether you choose Mladost, Utrine, Salata or Svetice, refreshment is guaranteed. In addition to enjoying a whole day of swimming and catching vitamin D, you will be surprised at how affordable the ticket prices are . Don't wait and head to the pools today.

Free coffee and water refreshments

terrace sprinkler

For all those who want to drink a coffee in the middle of the city and cool down comfortably along the way, we bring a cool solution as a rescue from the city heat. Namely, an increasing number of bars offer their guests a real water experience on the terrace in the form of a cooling system. Water vapor that refreshes you while drinking your favorite drink has become a real hit. We love terraces like this, and read below where you can find them all:

1. Slastičarnica Millenium (Bogovićeva 7) 2. Tip-top Caffe (Trg Ante Starčevića 7) 3. Bonita Caffe (Trg Petar Preradovića 2) 4. History Bar & Club (Tkalčićeva 68) 5. Johann Franck (Trg bana Josip Jelačića 9 )

Head towards the continental beaches

foginovo kupaliste

It's no secret that continental swimming pools are a favorite summer spot for many Zagreb residents. Due to their close proximity and beautiful decoration, swimming pools are often the first association with an ideal oasis of relaxation…