Ticket sales for the Nutcracker ballet will start on November 3!

Author: Hrvatsko narodno kazalište

The theatrical madness of Advent can begin

Ticket sales for the ballet The Nutcracker by PI Tchaikovsky will begin on Wednesday, November 3, and tickets will be available for purchase online and at the box office.

The first performances of this ballet magic choreographed by Vladimir Malakhov are expected in early December. Part of the performances can be viewed with the presentation of the EU digital COVID certificate and part with the observance of valid epidemiological measures without the obligation to present the EU digital COVID certificate.

Entry to part of the performances will be in accordance with the currently prescribed epidemiological measures (temperature measurement, masks, spacing), and entry to the second part of the performances will be possible only with COVID confirmation. The schedule indicates for which performances COVID certificates are required.

Subscribers of subscription 3 and subscription 7 ballet The Nutcracker will watch at their subscription sites.

Finally, a little about the Nutcracker

The choreographic and directing Orašara was staged in 2019 at the Zagreb HNK by the world-renowned ballet artist Vladimir Malakhov, who has already staged the popular Swan Lake with our ballet ensemble. Malakhov, as he says, likes to share his fascination with the classics with many around the world, believing that people like to watch well-told stories that evoke emotions. And that is exactly why they come several dozen times to see, for example, the Nutcracker.

Apart from adults, this unique ballet fairy tale is also adored by children of different ages, and it is an indispensable part of every Advent magic in all parts of the globe. One of the most beautiful works of classical ballet art takes the audience through the Christmas world of luxury, colorfulness, joy, imagination, princes and fairies and unavoidable sweets, following the adventures of a girl Klara who receives an unusual gift from her uncle on Christmas Eve. Clara also adores her uncle, known for performing various spells, as well as his unusual gift. When the Nutcracker comes to life at midnight with a little help from a wizard, he takes Clara into a wonderful world full of various interesting characters, who pay unusual attention to the overjoyed girl.