2CELLOS FAREWELL CONCERT: Tickets are running out



Author: Matina Tenžera

The cellists will hold their last concert as a duo on September 19 in the Zagreb Arena

The last concert of 2CELLOS. The last chance to listen live to our biggest musical attraction that fills halls all over the world, sells out Arenas. Believe it or not – in Japan they even have their own day, January 20. It is an understatement to say that Croatians are the most popular musical export "product" because apart from their popularity in the musical sense, their personality, charisma and talent have become known all over the world.

After spending 10 years as 2CELLOS, releasing 6 studio albums, performing at iconic venues and selling almost a million tickets for their energetic performances, the duo Luka Šulić and HAUSER will hold their last performance in Zagreb and in Europe on September 19.

Side ticket

For the young guys who were sitting in London ten years ago and figuring out how to make something explosive, different and new, the development of events that brought them to this point in time could not have been guessed even in their wildest dreams. In their creative processes, they managed to use classical music to deliver deep, expressive and emotional versions of pop hits, and this is the secret of their success.

Zagreb became the last European destination where this globally popular duet will play together. It is also an opportunity for all fans from Croatia and the surrounding area to see and hear 2CELLOS live for the last time.