Bear Stone Festival lineup announced



Author: Matina Tenžera

From July 4 to 7, a sea of bands is expected again in Slunj – this year there will be as many as 28 of them

The full lineup for Bear Stone Festival 2024 is finally here!

This year, expect 28 bands on 3 stages with festival veterans Sviraj!Jam taking over the Jam stage as in previous editions.

Here is the lineup


Kadavar are legends of Hard/Psychedelic Rock whose roots go back to 2010. Trio Christoph Lindemann, Simon Bouteloup and Christoph Bartelt come from the unique Berlin music scene and create a sound that combines Hard Rock of the 70s with elements of Psychedelic and Stoner Rock.

Rising from smoky basements to packed arenas, 1000mods have earned the title of the most successful Greek Rock band of recent decades. Their debut album “Super Van Vacation” from 2011 revolutionized European Rock with its heavy sound and Vintage vibes, cementing their role as leaders of the Greek Heavy Rock scene. With later releases such as “Vultures” and “Repeated Exposure To…” they demonstrated outstanding songwriting skills and received critical acclaim securing not only local, but also international acclaim.

Muscle Tribe of Danger and Excellence

Muscle Tribe of Danger and Excellence, comes from the more than lively Zagreb Stoner scene almost two decades ago and gathers top musicians from different backgrounds to create a powerful mix of Rock and Metal.

Them Moose Rush

Them Moose Rush, although often compared to Mars Volta due to their specific vocals, very successfully create their own sonic niche by mixing influences from Mike Patton to Radiohead, resulting in a unique fusion of Prog, Noise, Math, Pop and Stoner Rock elements.


Blitzpop was formed by Yves Krismer, the frontman of Austrian Mother's Cake, who graced the stage of last year's Bear Stone Festival. Blitzpop emerges as a revolutionary musical force that defies convention with an ethos that transcends mere music and embodies a simple philosophy that resonates with contemporary social dynamics.


### (pronounced with three strokes) is a band best experienced through instrumental guitar noise, feedback and pulsating lights. They are notorious in the Balkan underground for their DIY approach which avoids the usual course of things. They are no strangers to recording and/or performing in abandoned steel factory buildings, on roofs and in toilets. They even moved the entire studio into a squatted cinema.


Zolle, a Heavy Rock duo consisting of Stefano on drums and vocals and Marcello on guitar and vocals, defy conventional boundaries with their raw and intense sound, reflecting the primal essence of existence.


Founded in Verona in 2005, Kayleth draws inspiration from the space-infused Stoner/Desert Rock sounds of Kyuss, Monster Magnet. They've self-produced several EPs over the years, evolving their sound to include space/psychedelic landscapes, culminating in 2015's “Space Muffin” for Argonauta Records.


Austria's Stonetree delivers a powerful blend of riff-oriented Rock, characterized by explosive instrumentation, dynamic vocals and polished production. Formed in 2016 after the disbandment of Machine Zoo, they have honed a distinct style by fusing elements of Alternative Rock, Grunge, Stoner and Prog Rock, showcased on their 2017 debut album “The Tempest”.


Entropist is a trio from Rijeka whose musical opus extends through instrumental Doom with nuanced influences of Space, Psychedelic and Post-Stoner Rock, which perfectly reflects their diverse musical palette and harmonious fusion.


AcidSitter is a dynamic musical collaboration that unites experienced Psych Rockers from Poland and Japan, exploring a diverse spectrum of psychedelia fueled by the fervor of Rock 'N' Roll and Punk vitality.

Misery Crown

Hailing from the picturesque town of Bihać in Bosnia and Herzegovina along the Una River, Misery Crown emerged in 2012 as a Southern/Sludge/Stoner band with influences from genre pioneers such as Down and Crowbar, which is evident in their debut album "When North Meets South" published in 2013.

Van Manakin

Van Manakin, a Vienna-based instrumental duo founded in 2020, have been making music together for almost a decade, channeling their everyday experiences into their songs and performances.


Azutmaga, an instrumental Stoner Rock duo based in Budapest, embarks on a sonic journey marked by riffs and tribal rhythms, interspersed with improvised sections. Azutmaga was founded in 2019 by Patrik Veréb and Martin Várszegi with the aim of creating a meditative massacre, combining psychedelic elements with the raw energy of Stoner Rock.