The complete program of the Future Scope festival has been published



Author: Matina Tenžera

Day tickets are already on sale

Just over a month separates us from the first Future Scope festival , which takes place on the Jarun Island of Croatian Youth from 13 to 15 May . We welcomed the abolition of all pandemic measures and clear weather, and over 30 artists from all over the world can hardly wait to perform at the first major music festival in Croatia after the measures were relaxed.

The names that will entertain us on as many as four stages on the occasion of the big 20th birthday of the favorite club program Future Scope are already known before, and now the schedule by days has been published.

Kuku $ i 30zona as reinforcement

On Friday, the first day of the festival, one of the world's biggest electronic stars Sven Väth will perform. He is a DJ and producer who was nicknamed the Pope for his exceptional contribution to techno. The fact that he recently opened the Museum of Modern Electronic Music in Frankfurt speaks volumes about how big and important it is. In addition to playing at the opening, he was entrusted with the role of curator of the first exhibition of this innovative museum – he designed a lavish exhibition in which his memoirs presented the development of his enviable career and electronic music in recent decades in general.

In addition to Väth, the first day of the festival will feature Stacy Pullen, Paul van Dyk, Mauro Picotto, Maurizio Schmitz, Petar Dundov, Mr. DJ Dario, DJ Jock b2b Shipe and others. There is also Crankschwester , and new names have been added to the strong (t) rap team; 30 Zone and Kuku $ .

The second and third day of the festival

The festival continues on Saturday with a Faithless DJ set backed by Sister Bliss, one of the members of the cult band that is globally recognizable for mega hits including "God Is a DJ", "Salva Mea", "Insomnia". She is followed by no less successful Sam Paganini, Nicole Moudaber, DJ Rush and Tom Everett. From the home team, there are Rundek & Ekipa, Urban & 4, Denis & Denis, ABOP, Boris Štok, Marina Karamarko, Peznt, E-base and others.

On Sunday, the last day of the festival, Elemental, Detour, TBF and Phat Phillie will perform, while the honor of closing the first edition of the festival will go to well-known guests of Zagreb clubs Terry Francis and Nathan Coles. As local support, they will be joined by Felver, the face of the cult program Stereo Studio. Francis and Coles presented their Wiggle collective for the first time in Croatia at the Stereo Studio, and the friendship and cooperation that continues to this day guarantee an unforgettable closing of the festival.

Festival extensions with two after parties at the Boogaloo Club

For those who do not have enough fun in nature, the club part of the festival program is ready – because it is a party without a good after party! After parties will begin at four in the morning and will be held at the Boogaloo Club.

On Saturday, May 14, Mary, E-Base and Senno & Sin are in charge of the party. Mary is a true legend of Zagreb clubbing, one of those who laid the foundations for it in the 80's. It is known for its dark and electrified sound. E-Base also boasts a decades-long DJ career, but also versatility and success in various music professions, from promotion to editing music magazines. Senno & Sin are Boogaloo residents who love to perform at home.

On Sunday, May 15, the after is held on two floors. On the Balance floor you will be entertained by the Kvarner-Istrian trio Krekman (Pula), Lemon (known to older ravers as Crazy Lemon from Pula) and Mark Ash (Rijeka), while on the Techno floor we have a live treat with FORM signature, DJ Gumju from Slovenia and Marcello & Adio F., a well-coordinated duo from Graz. Tickets for after parties cost 50 kuna with the festival bracelet, and 70 kuna without it and will be available on the day of the event at the club's doors.

Daily and VIP tickets on sale

Festival tickets at a price of 349 kuna are available on the Entrio platform until April 15 , so hurry up for the entrance because after that the tickets become more expensive! If you want to have fun at the festival with VIP status, there are festival VIP tickets at a price of 549 kuna, and it should be emphasized that this is a limited number of tickets, which allow increased use of VIP space on Electronic and Live Stage and access to VIP bar. In case you have already bought a festival ticket, you can later, at a price of 200 kuna, upgrade it with a VIP upgrade, an add-on that provides VIP benefits.

The latest news is the daily tickets, which can currently be purchased for Friday and Saturday at a price of 199 kuna, while for the Sunday program you need to pay 99 kuna. One-day VIP tickets cost 299 kuna …