NEW TALK SHOW IN AFTER: Influencers, musicians and entertainers reveal stories from night outs



Author: Matina Tenžera

Experienced radio presenters confront regional stars with anecdotes from their social life through conversation and practical tasks

"It's totally illogical for me that there is a corona vaccine in the world without anyone coming up with a hangover cure," entrepreneur and influencer Ella Dvornik-Pearce told us in the third episode of the YouTube sensation IN AFTER. Only when you become a parent do you realize the true weight of the word "hangover", and Elli's handling of children in such a state was enough school.

"If Charles and I decide to have a drink, it's in the middle of the week, because the kids go to kindergarten in the morning," Ella said honestly. In her thirties, she was unable to find a suitable solution to the hangover, but she was able to reach the first million (or more). From a girl who volunteered to hang coats at the Močvara club, Ella managed to achieve all her ambitions, and a new entrepreneurial venture is on the horizon , which she can hear more about at the end of the show.

Party mothers?

Apart from Ella, who resolutely claims that she is not a party mother and that she is still waiting for the girls to grow up a bit, Ida Prester shared her drunken stories with us. "I used to come straight to HRT, record announcements for the new edition of Brillianthen and then return to the party," said Ida Prester in the pilot edition of the talk show IN AFTER. This hardened party girl compared the night life of Zagreb and Belgrade , but also admitted that going out and performing with the band Lollobrigida determined her life. Namely, it was in one of the outings that she met her current husband Ivan.

Mario Petreković proves that a party girl doesn't always have to be a mother, who manages to visit her club Katran more or less regularly, despite the fact that she has two small buns at home.

"If Jelena Veljača had been active at the time we went out, someone would have ended up in custody," said Mario Petreković , the unofficial mayor of Zagreb's nightlife, in his own style. For his second home, Katran says that it is not just a nightclub, but "The Place", and this project, in addition to fun, also brought him a soulmate, Aleksandra, whom he met while she was waiting in line for the toilet . "Because of her, I built a club, I set a trap for her," concluded Petreković.

Chilling time

Talk show IN AFTER was created in response to the pandemic year when we, as a team of the portal, did not have events and places to visit and announce. In order not to say "here's another podcast", we made sure to put together a dynamic twenty-minute show on which the eight-member team is working. You are guided through the episodes by an experienced radio duo, former voices of the One Hundred – Bruno Bucić and Nela Simić .

Since the winter, we have also had fresh faces from the local music scene for our bar, so the team from the band Porto Morto discovered how to enter the biggest music festivals without a ticket . The latest YouTube treat, talk show U AFTERU, in addition to already established public names, will also bring fresh faces from the autumn, whose nightly adventures we want to hear more about.

In July, we bring you the last show of the summer season, in the episode of which we had a good laugh with Mirela Priselac Remi from the hip hop collective Elemental. What do tits and hair have to do with her, who in the outing team is the one who vomits first and then goes home – you will find out on July 10th.

As PortoMortovci would say, it's time to chill out, and this is an after you don't want to miss.