New locations of Zagreb's Advent



Author: Matina Tenžera

This is just the beginning of one actually totally cool story

Okay, why would we always go back to the old one? Give a little novelty! The summer showed how some locations in the city center gave their souls for events and mingling. This winter, Mažuranac will once again shine with a hat of people and beautiful decorations. And if we’re lucky, none of the neighbors will object to shutting it down earlier than anticipated.

A slightly less new location, but again underutilized, is the Octagon Pass . Especially since the renovation of the passage itself was finally completed. In our humble judgment this strait was conveniently decorated while scaffolding was a standard part of the setup so we believe we can only expect more and better this holiday season.

Well, watch this now – Matica hrvatskih obrtnika is becoming a new place in the city center where we will definitely be dancing until January 6th. You have no idea where that is, do you?

mother of Croatian craftsmen

Hopefully it is more familiar now though. Bome, we will admit, quite a good location. Step back a few hundred meters and crawl into a fairytale garden in front of the Academy of Fine Arts on Ilica. Namely, this location is also reserved for hot and cold weather. Very very valuable information is that something like cash & carry will take place there. So an opportunity to stab some art of talented students at better prices.

Eh yes, and there will already be live gigs there. The music will resonate until, as it was sympathetically called in the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb – Katarinca. It is about Katarina Square in the Upper Town . The one you cross to or from the Gradec plateau. It used to be just a small square, and this year it is a dance floor where various DJs warm up. But about that a little later when we compile a complete list 😉

In ten days we bring our traditional Advent website as nicely as a candy, so check back regularly!