A new winter story awaits you at Žitnjak in a well-known place



Author: Matina Tenžera

The music and gastronomic program is something not to be missed

Zagreb craft brewery The Garden Brewery presents a winter story in their backyard on Žitnjak, and their Advent called Winter Tale will last from November 25 to December 24 .

One of the indispensable locations in Zagreb brought together lovers of beer, good food and great music, became one of the favorite places for parties, and brought the world-renowned The Garden spirit to the industrial zone of the city. After five years, more than 170 styles of beer and a host of awards, The Garden Brewery is expanding and will continue its story next year at a larger location nearby. Winter Tale is the last opportunity to visit the yard on Žitnjak, celebrate the holidays in a specially arranged location, and experience Garden's story that put Zagreb on the world craft map.

A blend of music, food and craft beer

In a month, the program will present a combination of music, food and craft beer in a unique outdoor space, with a stage under the open sky, beer that is poured immediately from the source and paired with specially designed snacks.

Great music is a feature of everything The Garden does, and this time it is chosen by the Adriatic Coasting team and Joe Pandur. Bands such as Yogi Lonich Trio, Prirodno Stanište, Toni Starešinić's live electronic project, Michael Kvorka Trio bringing pop and funk, Schoenkopf Brass Band or Spirologija Gypsy Quartet will take turns every Thursday and Sunday. House, soul, jazz and electro sounds will be brought daily by DJs such as Pepi Jogarde, hrwoE, Blackpunkt or Delux.

One of the most famous names on the modern gastronomic scene, Marko Palfi, presents street food for colder days that pairs perfectly with Garden's craft beer and hot drinks. From Deluxe or veggie kobaya, Christmas treats, or the Advent duck hit with grinders, there are also, especially designed for this occasion, blood croquettes as well as sweet waffles whose taste you create yourself. Everything will be available at as many as three different food houses, and the best and unavoidable Submarine Burgers continue to work in the brewery.

Why we love The Garden Brewery

Today, The Garden Brewery is among the leading European craft breweries. He owes his place among the best to his creative and innovative team. From refreshing Pilsner and Pale beers to fruit sours, through IPA and dessert stouts, Garden’s award-winning beers showcase the best of contemporary cooking styles. That is why it was named the best European brewery for two years in a row by Beer52, the largest beer club in the world. Winter Tale will be an opportunity to try the full range of beers, and cans will also be available to take home.

The Garden Brewery, located in Zagreb's Žitnjak, is a craft brewery with a special charm, and the location and decoration give a more intimate and special experience, and in addition to all that, a large parking lot is available for a carefree visit. Due to increased production, The Garden Brewery is expanding in 2022, and Winter Tale will be the last chance to experience the brewery and brewery before moving to a new location nearby. Join Garden’s growing story.

Winter Tale will be open daily from 11:00 a.m. to midnight , outdoors in The Garden Brewery, at 22F Slavonska Avenue. The music program starts every day at 17:00, while on Sundays it will start at 14:00. Admission to all programs is free.

The event will be held according to all applicable epidemiological measures with the necessary presentation of Covid certificates.