Theater Night 2021: Here’s a list of plays



Author: Matina Tenžera

You are going to the theater for the thirteenth time for a better ticket price, and the date is November 20th

Theater Night will be held on November 20 this year, and we have diligently listed the theaters that have been involved in this event. This way you will be able to see what has always interested you for a better ticket price. Yes – and there will be a show for your kids 😉


1. Zagreb Youth Theater


Ticket price 20 kn ** tickets can be purchased only on the day of the performance.

2. Kerempuh

I haven't stopped since this morning

Ticket price 50 kn

3. EXIT Theater

Cabaret – concert for spoons and guitar

Ticket price 50 kn

4. Theater & TD

More important halves

Ticket price 25 kn

Valentine's Day at the theater

Theater Night loves kids too! Small stage

Play Out 19.11. Ticket price 35 kn *

Play Sunce djever and Neva Nevičica 20.11. Ticket price 25 kn *

Reservations must be paid or picked up no later than two days before the show. Fire birds

The Adventures of Baron Münchausen Ticket price 0 kn *

* Tickets are distributed one hour before the start of the show, the number of tickets is limited and reservations are not possible. Cherry Theater

Play Sleeping Beauty Ticket price 30 kn