LAUBA is the largest edition of The Unclassified so far



Author: Matina Tenžera

Boutique Art Fair 'NESVRSTANI' will bring together top works of art from 12 galleries and 20 independent artists from 18 to 21 June 2020.

The House for People and Art announces the third edition of the Boutique Art Fair ‘NON-CLASSIFIED’ . This year's, richer edition of this exhibition and sales fair, will be held from 18 to 21 June 2020, when a unique offer of works of art from 12 galleries and 20 independent artists will be located under the same roof.


In unpredictable times like today, when social distance becomes everyday, art and works of art, in addition to being a lasting value, have proven to be an inexhaustible source of creative stimulation and man’s mental stability. We are overwhelmed by virtual cultural content that includes numerous virtual exhibitions, but nothing can surpass the experience of direct contact with a top-notch work of art. Art pieces will transform any home into a personal gallery and ennoble everyday life, leaving a far stronger impression than pieces of furniture and decorative details.

That is why the focus of the richest program so far is on exhibition and sales activities with a total of more than 120 represented artists. The selection includes Lauba's selection of young growing artists that you should follow, two foreign galleries that are presented for the first time in Croatia (Vienna, Ljubljana) and 10 private galleries, each of which presents its view of the current art scene by presenting selected artists.

Lonac , one of the most important regional street art authors in the renovated LAUBE courtyard, has started painting a new mural as the most important Zagreb cultural event of the summer season.

Pot, Lauba