You won't believe where mini golf courses have opened



Author: Matina Tenžera

The offer will also include night mini golf with balls that glow in the dark

From now on in Croatia it is possible to play the mini golf game known to many on the roof of a shopping center ! As part of the first shopping center of the new generation, Zagreb's Z Center, there are more than 1,300 square meters of relief tracks of different shapes with as many as 18 holes. Individuals and groups can enjoy this activity, now a serious sport, as a fun recreation at an attractive destination, and the average game duration for a group of four is about forty minutes.

Z_Centar_golf courses night

"While during the day our players and numerous families can enjoy the view of the nearby settlements from the heights, a night game on the mini golf courses of the Z Center is a special experience due to the lighting and balls that glow in the dark. Whether it's fun for the whole family, friends or work colleagues, it's important to know that more than fifty people can enjoy the game at the same time, as well as children of all ages – from 2 years old onwards", explained Mirna Čavrak Talapko , marketing manager of Z Center.

Therefore, all lovers of active socializing with friends or simply passionate golfers – head to Z Center to check the quality of these new golf courses.