Don’t miss the Summer Evenings at the Chocolate Museum!

Free chocolate path guides

On Friday and Saturday, July 17 and 18, Summer Evenings will be held at the Zagreb Chocolate Museum

If you want to add something sweet and irresistible to your summer outings this Friday and Saturday, you will be able to use the opportunity to get free professional guidance according to the following schedule: Friday 19:15, 20:30 and 21:30 and Saturday 20:30 and 21:30 . In addition to the above, on Friday, July 10 at 18:00 begins the long-awaited workshop "Little secrets of working with chocolate" where interested visitors in groups of only four people will learn how to make chocolate shells for pralines and properly fill and close them, how to couverture get a chocolate bar and a couple more little secrets of great chocolate makers. For this occasion, the Zagreb Chocolate Museum will be open until 23:00.

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As many as nine types of chocolate are tasted in the Museum

Apart from learning in the Zagreb Chocolate Museum that chocolate was a drink for 97% of its history, that children only started consuming it during the Industrial Revolution and that in the Baroque period it was believed that chocolate cured some serious diseases, you will have fun playing a great the Aztec chief Montezuma II, a lady from the court or riding a bicycle that runs a chocolate factory. You will accompany it all with the bitter and sweet flavors of solid and liquid chocolate as you walk through the long and rich history of your favorite dessert. Since as many as nine types of chocolate are tasted in the Museum, visitors are invited to leave some "space" for dessert after a light summer dinner.

Reservation of a place in the guided tour as well as in the workshop is mandatory, and you can make it by calling the phone number: (01) 2092966.

In addition to Croatian, the guides can be in English and French. It is necessary to announce in advance if you want guidance in a foreign language.
The museum is located on the first floor which is accessed by elevator. The museum is on one floor, there are no spatial barriers and it is accessible to people with disabilities.
All information on the prices of tickets and workshops of the Museum can be viewed at:

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DiVan takes you to the Chocolate Museum

This is the sweetest member of the #divanfiling – Chocolate Museum campaign! From the young museum in Zagreb, they decided to take you on the paths of chocolate and give you two tickets. How to participate read here .