"I made a club so I don't have to go anywhere else"



Author: Matina Tenžera

Mario Petreković was a guest of our first official episode of the talk show IN AFTER

After we successfully launched the pilot edition of our sweet talk show IN AFTER in December 2021, we are back in an improved edition. Ida Prester introduced us to the whole adventure of talking about social life on Christmas Eve winter. For those who don't know, a seasoned barber who travels with her husband all over the region, most of them in Croatia and Serbia.

She assured us that she was not prone to vices, and she drank only water at our bar. We'll pretend to trust her. On the other hand, the mayor of Zagreb's nightlife, Mario Petreković , assured us that he could easily recognize a team pretending to be sober. He supported this in his style with examples.

As Cockta and Barcaffe supported us in the summer season of the show AFTER, a barista came to our studio and threw out coffee at an unprecedented speed. And brother to brother, 5preković can drink a lot of coffee.

It was not easy for Nela Simić or Bruno Bucić , otherwise the hosts of this YubiTubi spectacle. While one was engaged in a conversation with the guest, the other prepared a practical task for him that the interlocutors were horrified by. Yet they successfully brought it to an end.

Who has better fun, Ida or Mario? You click on one of the videos and find out in 16-22 minutes. If you laugh a few times during the episode, you are obliged to subscribe to the YouTube channel U AFTERU so that you do not miss a single new show in the future. And speaking of the new one – a new episode will be released on Monday, June 6th . We will only reveal to you that there will be four guests in the studio at the same time, and that they will also have to build something in our practical task.

This is an after you don't want to miss.