The latest information about the two biggest masquerade balls in Croatia



Author: Matina Tenžera

Prepare your masks and good company!

Although masquerade is celebrated throughout Croatia, most people gravitate towards Samobor and Rijeka every February. In this sense, and because Samobor is the most convenient option for the people of Zagreb, while the Rijeka Carnival is the most famous Croatian event of this type, we bring you the latest information for both festivals.

Samobor fasnik

Samobor fasnik

Under the slogan "Hokus pokus EUrekus" , the 197th Samobor Fašnik will begin in Samobor on Friday, February 10. under masks.

The city's keys will be taken over from Mayor Petra Škrobot and her deputy Petar Burić, and the Free Carnival Republic will be proclaimed at 7 p.m. on the main stage at King Tomislav Square, which will become the Square of Carnival Giants.

Masks will reign until February 21, so wizards, elves, magicians, illusionists, alchemists, sorcerers, quasi-scientists, fake researchers and various other inventors are invited to come up with a magic formula for a permanent solution to everyday worries and problems. If you have any ingenious idea on the subject, join in the action, come up with the most original mask possible and be an important factor in the recent carnival spelancing.

The Magpie, the Judge, the Prince and the Fiscal can't wait to see and hear your great costumes and brilliant suggestions on how to make everyday life better, more beautiful, happier and more prosperous for all the carnival folk.

Music program

In addition to Maja Šuput , numerous other musical performers will provide entertainment at this year's 197th Samobor festival.

On the first carnival weekend, Queen Real Tribute band will perform on Saturday, February 11, and Dalmatino will perform on Sunday, February 13.

The second carnival weekend will start on February 17 with the concert Opče odnosti , Miroslav Škoro will perform on Saturday, February 18, and Zvonko Bogdan will perform on Sunday, February 19. On the last day of the carnival on Tuesday, February 21, Dražen Zečić will take care of the entertainment.

All concerts start at 8:00 p.m., except for Sunday concerts, which are scheduled from 5:00 p.m., and admission is free.

Rijeka Carnival

Rijeka carnival

Speaking of the Rijeka Carnival, two large and equally important parades arouse the most interest – children's and international.

Children's carnival parade

The children's carnival parade is a carnival event in which the youngest generations from the country and abroad participate, when a river of children in a colorful masked parade floods Rijeka's Korzo.

Countless characters from fairy tales and the most beautiful creatures from the imagination are the main attraction of the Rijeka Carnival on that day, which brings many visitors from all over the world.

Masked kids are a guarantee and a promise that the carnival tradition will never die out in these areas, but will live on for centuries and pass on the spirit of masquerade to the next generations, who will know how to appreciate the legacy of their ancestors.

International carnival parade

The international carnival parade is the crown of carnival celebrations in Kvarner and beyond…