New museum events in the center of Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

If you go to Palmotićeva 22, go into the passage and look up to the left

As soon as we announced a new museum treat in Zagreb at the beginning of this year, we started counting down the days until the opening. The Museum of Sports Events has really seen the light of day, and no more and no less than 250 square meters. And believe me – you want to visit it as soon as possible.

And why that?

For starters, it is definitely a recommendation to come in good company. As sport is mostly a team hobby, a visit to the museum will be a more exciting experience if you come with a team. Namely, the whole set is interactive and ready to try. Practically, that means you can play baseball, hockey, rowing, fencing, skiing and more. If you come with the kids, it will be a complete hit. Not only will children have a good time, but you will also get a gentle insight into sports that can arouse their interest in more serious training.

In fact, that is the very purpose of the museum. “The goal is, through interaction, to interest children in sports and encourage them to respect and understand sports success. In the simulation of competitions with athletes, it will be possible to develop their motivation for sports as well as setting new personal goals ", they write on the official website of the museum .

hockey sports history museum

We went there with two kindergarten kids, and we spent about an hour and a half circling from device to device.

Both fun and rewarding

Just as coming to the Museum of Sports Events for Children will be a great encounter with sports, so it is true for adults. Everyone who does little or nothing in sports will find out in this museum both sympathetic and useful curiosities. From multiple state swimming record holder Gordan Kozulj has a 193-centimeter-wide arm span. Over what the actual size ratio of goals or pitches of brrrrroj sports looks like. All the way to the food that athletes are allowed and not allowed to consume. Or how to properly install hand guards – for those who are thinking about a trip to gymnastic acrobatics.

museum of sports events gordan kozulj

If that’s not enough for you, remember you can try out sports props at the museum. Including protective equipment and clothing. How many of you know how to tie a kimono correctly? For the prize, you can choose to pose with a belt in any color. Speaking of colors, the upcoming period at the Museum of Sports Events will be colorful. Namely, the setting will be changed and supplemented so that you don't get bored too quickly. In addition, guided group tours and workshops will be organized there.

But about that in the following text. Let us now allow the current lineup to knock you off your feet. And you allow yourself a champion feeling in the center of Zagreb, at Palmotićeva 22 . Even with a museum trophy!

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