We visited an impressive museum located in the Tuškanac forest

Author: Matina Tenžera

This winter they are holding the first museum Advent

As big fans of high-quality museum exhibits , we were very happy with the news that the Hunting Museum was lit up in Advent colors this winter .

This museum is hidden in the Tuškanac forest park , and it takes 30 minutes on foot to reach it from the center of Zagreb. At the same time, you go through a ten-minute section of hiking that perfectly introduces you to the atmosphere you encounter upon arrival there.

hunting museum educational trail

Depending on which side you enter, you will first either toast at the advent house because you have finally arrived or warm up in the Museum by visiting the exhibition – because you have finally arrived. Of course, we entered from the wrong side, that is, right into the museum's interior. As we were told at the entrance, the idea is to first refresh yourself at the advent house, and then walk along the educational path through the decently decorated courtyard to the Museum itself.

Advent hunting museum

In any case, for a visit to the Hunting Museum, every side is the right side. Expect 800 square meters of space and two floors of an incredibly rich collection of stuffed wildlife, some of which you've probably never heard of. There you will find animals from faraway parts of the world, as well as those that live all over Croatia.

lions in the hunting museum

In the foyer of the Museum there are skulls and skeletons of individual, smaller animals. You will be able to put your things on comfortable benches so that you can wander around unencumbered by winter jackets, scarves and hats. If you look more closely, you will also notice two board games for kids made of wood, of course. And then go in whatever direction your sixth sense takes you.