Zagreb got an unusual museum



Author: Matina Tenžera

Welcome to an engaging setup that will never be finished

Zagreb got a totally unconventional museum – the Museum of Unfinished Art . It is located at Eugena Kumičića Street 10 , next to the Botanical Garden itself.

As the team from the Museum says, the idea for this unusual museum was born out of a joke at the expense of artists who often start hundreds of works at the same time and never finish most of them. For example, among the exhibits is a scarf that was started in 2020 and which the organizers hope that visitors will complete.

But kidding aside. This joke soon turned into a serious initiative to encourage visitors to take an interest in artistic creation, handicrafts, but also to find beauty in old and unwanted objects. It took a little more than a year from the very idea to its realization, and in that process discarded objects were used as much as possible. Old windows became picture frames, baskets were made from corn leaves, the sides of kitchen cabinets became photo frames and the like.

The Museum of Unfinished Art provides visitors with an interactive experience – all tools and accessories are available for use , inviting everyone to try their hand at creating their own works of art or completing existing ones. The goal is to create a space where creativity has no limits, and where unfinished projects become inspiration for new ideas.

Admission to the Museum of Unfinished Art is free, and any donation is welcome. Come, explore, create and find beauty in every step of creation!